Concrete Recycling Plant

concrete-recycling2plantCRP plants are designed especially for the recycling of valuable aggregate and sand from discarded material as well as for the improvement of site environment. Strategic positioning of the CRP plant enables all the local surface water on site to be collected.

When a truck has unused material for recycling it uses system water from the overhead flushing system pipes to flush clean and fill the mixer. At the same time the operator/driver can clean down the back of the truck using the refilled reserve tank on the truck. The truck is then discharged into the receiving hopper of the Mixed Particle Separator (MPS). Aggregate and sand are conveyed up the MPS which systematically removes cement using a specially designed directional high-efficiency contra-flow system and can then be transferred to a conveyor belt or discharged into the storage area for re-use. The water is taken off from the sediment for recycling.



  • Total capacity from 7 to 14 m³ per hour
  • Collecting tank 1.5 m³ with 3hp pump and 1hp agitator
  • Optional reserve tank with 5.5hp pump
  • MPS  - either 600mm or 800mm diameter
  • MPS has special patented internal lower bearing system with lifetime guarantee
  • Optional belt conveyor
  • Overhead flushing pipes with swivel option and two manual regulators
  • Manual regulator for the MPS flushing system
  • Manual regulator for general cleaning
  • Synoptic control panel with sequence timers and one button operation
  • Adjustable timers operate the system at least 10 minutes every 3 hours.
  • Level indicators on each tank