DSS 2000 series Dust Separation System

Dedicated designs to separate filler/dust from small size aggregates and deliver much improved aggregate where there is a high filler component, according to specifications. The systems are very easy to locate on site utilizing relatively little space, and simply have to be positioned at the outlet of the incoming aggregate conveyor with provision for the outward conveying of the processed aggregates.   
DSS 2000 series systems comprise three main sub-systems, namely:

  • Blower – to generate system air velocity
  • Tumbler – a special low speed rotating agitator for separating dust from aggregate
  • Cyclone system – a twin system for both coarse and fine separation



  • Best dust separation
  • Very low wear and maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Capacity from 30 to 100 tons per hour depending on material humidity and particle size (my instinct is to cut this as it should be assumed knowledge)
  • Filler percentage from variable and average 5 to 8% depending on material
  • Screw conveyor dust dischargers
  • Convenient low inlet height
  • Plant has overall low profile
  • High recirculation ratio giving most efficient air use
  • Very good discharge air quality to meet environmental demands
  • Low operating costs