GS series Hydrocyclone

hydrocyclones.jpgSeparately or as part of our clarifier densifier system, the hydrocyclone system uses water at high velocity to centrifugally remove unwanted clay and other material from sand or fine sand from organic material, then expel the material onto a vibrating drying screen which is an integral part of the unit. The dry clean material is then moved by conveyor to the stockpile. The heavy suspension water goes to the clarifier densifier for recycling.


  • Very accurate classification
  • State of the art hydrodynamic design
  • Compact area efficient design
  • Coated high capacity water pump, able to pump large particles
  • Replaceable elements low downtime and long life
  • Multiple configurations from 15 to 200 tons per hour
  • Very integrated design for ease of maintenance with easy access to critical components
  • Accuracy of cutting point according to clients requirements