Solid Waste (MSW)

waste2MSW Solid Waste Systems meter municipal waste after primary sorting to a rotating screen which divides the waste into principal categories, (organic and non-organic) graded by size and density. The screen is fitted with bag-tearing elements to ensure that all plastic bags are opened.  Non-organic material is passed to the sorting stage (PET, cardboard etc). The organic material is passed to a secondary screening process and stored in windrows for composting. Non-organic material goes to either a baler for recycling (sorted material), to burial or even compaction.
General Equipment:

  • Heavy duty apron conveyors
  • Light apron conveyors
  • Rotating screens
  • Feeders
  • Vibrating screens
  • Magnet conveyors and separators
  • Eddy current systems
  • Sorting conveyors
  • Impact beds