CH series Water Clarifier and Sludge Densifier

A fully integrated system for removing clay and other suspended material from plant water in order to recycle the water in a closed circuit system, principally in the preparation of sands and aggregates in quarries.


  • From 15 cubic meters per hour up to 1000 cubic meters per hour
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Minimum site preparation investment for the installation
  • Very space and cost efficient
  • Central rotating bridge with tangent drive greatly reduces dive loads and stresses
  • Fully integrated precision automatic plant for the preparation of the flocculent
  • Computerized synoptic control system for super easy operation
  • Fully adjustable oscillating sludge scraper blades
  • Screw sludge pump for high efficiency with directed in-feed for no cavitation
  • Up flow turbid water inlet through intermediate receiving section